In The News...

We’re making headlines, and we want to share all the great news with you! We will keep this page updated with important announcements, news stories, and student shout outs. Please check in often and help us celebrate our students’ many achievements.

Liberty Hill Students Study Fossils

Mrs. Susan’s middle school class is studying fossils. They recently were able to study their own fossils and learn how paleontologists dig up fossils and restore them.

Fake dog fossil covered in pink casingFake dinosaur fossil covered in orange casingFake lizard fossil covered in pink casing
Farmersville Students Honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Farmersville students learned the teaching of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.! They participated in an activity which explored his powerful message on equality, nonviolence, and community building.

Student projects for MLK day Student projects for MLK day
Liberty Hill Professional Development
Staff discussing school needs

Ki Charter Liberty Hill returned from holiday break refreshed and ready for the new semester. Teachers and aides spent an afternoon participating in professional development. They discussed strategies to ensure success for our team and our students. We are looking forward to a productive semester with our students!

Liberty Hill End-of-Semester Projects

Mrs. Edna’s class worked diligently on their end-of-semester projects. They created a children’s book explaining a science concept they learned over the past six weeks. Students then presented their books to the class.

One page of student's children's book science project All pages of student's children's book science project on cell division Page about the center vacuole of a cell in student's book project Page about the cell guides in student's book project
Liberty Hill Highlights
math class projectile motion in the PITSCO lab

Mr. Romann’s math class is currently working on projectile motion in the PITSCO lab. They conduct experiments with each module they complete. Keep up the hard work!

Exemplary Students

Excel Fort Worth students are nominated by their therapist for an exemplary week. Mrs. Taylor’s student was one of the students chosen. This student exhibits exemplary characteristics in the classroom. Way to go!

Red Ribbon Week

Lewisville students recently celebrated red ribbon week. They created art work and pamphlets on drug abuse and how to take medication appropriately.   

student pamphlets on drugs abusestudent artwork of keys and ribbons
Optical Illusion Art

Mrs. Sarah’s art class has been studying optical illusion art for six weeks. They are doing an excellent job and have shown their creative side in their art. 

white unicorn in front of colorful sky, water, and mountainsrainbow colored patternscurved stripes of red, yellow, blue, white and greenred, purple blue, and green pattern
Social and Emotional Learning Library
Books on shelf

Our DeSoto campus has started a social and emotional learning library! With therapeutic and education collaboration, students can check out books that focus on topics like character building, problem solving, empathy, and personal goal setting.