Technology is a powerful instructional tool, and we are proud to provide Ki Charter students with the latest technology for learning. In order to maximize learning potential and opportunities and ensure our teachers are equipped to deliver the best lessons possible, we incorporate a wide variety of devices and software including:

  • Rechargeable graphing calculators

  • E-readers and charging stations from Computers on Wheels

  • Laptops and tablets for teachers and students

  • Interactive smart boards

  • MacBook Airs for art instruction

  • Microsoft Surface Pros for overnight checkout

Internet Safety and Acceptable Use

We take student safety seriously at Ki Charter and reserve the right to monitor student use of electronic mail, social networking sites, and chat rooms to ensure that safety. We also incorporate basic cyber security and citizenship into our instruction materials to protect students’ sensitive information and prevent cyber-bullying.

All network access at Ki Charter is for the purpose of advancing student learning and achievement. No computer, tablet, or other electronic device may access internet sites that contain obscene language and/or visuals deemed harmful to minors.

System Administrator

If you have questions regarding our technology policy or the use of software, please contact our system administrator, Email David Weston.