Student Services

Our goal is to provide you answers and resources to help make your experience a positive one. If you ever have any questions about the services your child receives, or if you feel your child should be receiving services, please give us a call. We are always happy to help.

Career and Educational Planning Services

Our goal in educational planning is to position students of varying ability levels to take advantage of the opportunities afforded them after high school. We do this through career exploration, CTE programming, and preparing for college admissions.

Career Exploration
Building on our CTE and STEM programming, we help students explore a variety of career options throughout their experience at Ki Charter. Students may even earn their food handler certification in our deli.

Graduation and Credit Recovery
All Texas high school students participate in the Foundation Graduation Program. Within the program, students earn endorsements in STEM, business and industry, public services, arts and humanities, or multidisciplinary studies. Students must complete a total of 22 credits and pass all required exit exams in order to graduate. For students struggling to meet the requirements, Ki Charter offers Fuel Education Anywhere (also called the A+ program) to provide credit recovery options in over 50 courses. We offer this self-paced, online learning option to students during their enrichment period. 

College Prep
A portion of preparing for college admission is standardized testing. It can strike fear into the most intelligent and confident of students; however, preparation helps students conquer this hurdle. We not only help students prepare for these tests, but we walk them through the financial aid process as well. 

Transcript Requests

Please use the following contact information to request a transcript or release of student records: