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Dear Parents & Guardians, 

On behalf of the faculty and staff of Ki Charter - San Marcos, I would like to welcome you and your student(s) to our campus. At Ki Charter, we take a holistic approach to education that meets students where they are and strives to target their specific educational and social-emotional needs in a highly structured environment. In this setting, they can learn and grow without fear of failure and reach heights they may not have believed possible.

Our rigorous curriculum challenges students to perform at their best and encourages creativity. We strive every day to provide the best experience for our students to help them succeed. Our educational program features research-based instructional best practices, intensive math and reading intervention and credit recovery programming, STEM, fine arts, physical education, and career applications education that extends beyond the classroom. Through our partnership with the San Marcos Treatment Center and stakeholders within the local community, eligible students are able to earn a food handler’s certification and employ their skills in our deli where they make meals for the local community center. Our educators work hand-in-hand with the San Marcos Treatment Center to offer enrichment opportunities.

It is our goal to reintroduce students to their home environment and respective schools with improved behavior, reduced learning gaps, and social-emotional skills necessary to succeed. We are delighted to partner with you on your student’s educational journey and are committed to helping you and your student(s) achieve their goals and meet their potential.

We thank you for choosing Ki Charter - San Marcos and look forward to an amazing school year.


Rebecca Stevenson

Rebecca Stevenson

Ki Charter - San Marcos
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Becky Stevenson has more than a decade of experience working with at-risk youth in traditional and residential education settings. She earned a B.A. in psychology from Texas State University while simultaneously working with young adults and adolescents through the Job Corps program. After graduation, she obtained a teaching certification and began her teaching career in a traditional elementary setting before she transitioned to teaching secondary mathematics in a residential treatment facility. After serving in several leadership roles, she earned a master’s degree in education administration from Lamar University in 2019 with the intention of making a greater impact on students in residential settings through holistic educational practices. In 2020, she joined Ki Charter as an associate principal, working alongside teachers and administrators to mitigate learning loss and promote student success. She is excited to take on the role of campus principal at Ki Charter-San Marcos, where she will continue to prioritize student achievement, individual growth, and holistic education for all students. Outside of work, Becky enjoys staying active and spending time with her daughter, Aubree.