Business Services

Our Business Services Department handles everything from payables to purchasing. We take our responsibility to manage taxpayer funds very seriously and conduct all business with integrity and transparency. We are happy to answer your questions or provide you with the information you need. If you have questions about vendor applications or invoicing please contact Kimber Fuccello.

School Accountability

The Texas Education Agency rates all public schools, charter schools, and school districts in the state of Texas to ensure they remain accountable to the people of their communities. Each school or district rated receives one of four possible rankings.

  • Exemplary (the highest possible ranking)

  • Recognized

  • Academically Acceptable

  • Academically Unacceptable

  • Not Rated

Rankings are based on performance reports of student achievement, student progress or growth, post secondary readiness, and the school’s success in closing learning gaps. As of August 2017, Ki Charter is “not rated.” A school may be classified as “not rated” when special circumstances surround the organization’s structure or student population; in which case, student progress and school accountability are measured in other ways. 

Transparency Reports

In the interest of transparency, we share financial reports and other accountability resources with the public.

State Compensatory Education

Public Information Officer

If you have questions about any of the documents supplied on this page, please contact our information officer, Email Christopher Allison.