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Selecting the right school for your child is a big decision, and we know you want to choose a learning environment that offers the best opportunities available. Ki Charter is the premier education provider for students who reside in residential facilities (RFs) and juvenile detention centers (JDCs) in Texas. With small class sizes and engaging curriculum, students at Ki reduce learning gaps, learn behavioral management strategies, and improve communication skills.

Dedicated to Every Student’s Success

We care about each student and are dedicated to providing an education that allows all of our students to succeed. All our teachers are highly qualified and special education certified to provide students with core instruction that meets their individual needs while challenging them to achieve more. We proudly educate the whole child with a fully integrated social-emotional learning curriculum; hands-on and project-based learning opportunities; elementary, middle, and high school STEM classes; career and technical education (CTE) classes with vocational certifications; and credit recovery and acceleration options.

By incorporating a varied set of instructional strategies and learning methodologies, our students engage in the learning process. They don’t just learn academic concepts; they develop attitudes and skills that will carry them through life. They learn skills like communication, teamwork, problem solving and critical thinking, and goal-setting, because at Ki, we understand that every change has a story—and we want to be the catalyst for that change in our students’ lives.

We have it all

  • Excellent Academic Standards

  • Small Class Size

  • Innovative Leadership

  • Wonderful Community

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