San Marcos Campus

Dear Parents & Guardians,

On behalf of the faculty and staff, I would like to welcome your student to Ki Charter Academy-San Marcos. We offer a unique approach to education through our partnership with the San Marcos Treatment Center. Ki Charter Academy helps students develop skills they need to succeed in their community schools once they leave the treatment center. We are committed to reintroducing our students to their respective schools with improved behavior, reduced learning gaps, and social-emotional skills necessary to succeed. 

As a part of our curriculum program, reading labs are provided as a supplement for students who are struggling with grade level reading comprehension and fluency. Students have access to innovative and personalized software to meet their particular remediation needs. Math and science labs are supplemental to the required courses for students at Ki Charter Academy. Students receive direct instruction in math and science theory and then apply their learning objectives in the lab. They explore jobs in engineering, biology, mathematics, and information technology, helping students translate academic knowledge to real-world job competencies.

Ki Charter Academy is a community stakeholder that involves both students and teachers in community initiatives. Students employ their food handler’s certifications to work in the campus deli making meals that are served at our local community center.  Faculty members sponsor and participate in the annual School Fuel 5K, supporting the fight against hunger for local underprivileged families. And Ki Charter Academy sponsors the Honor Flight, which recognizes armed services veterans’ commitment to our country.  

We are dedicated to serving your student and believe that fostering a partnership between yourself and the school is a pillar in supporting their success. Therefore, I am available to answer any questions that may help to strengthen this partnership and meet the needs of your student while being served at Ki Charter Academy-San Marcos.

Javier Garcia

Javier Garcia
Ki Charter Academy - San Marcos
Direct: (512) 754-3861