Academics at Ki Charter

Ki Charter Academy focuses on the academic, social, and emotional needs of the whole child. Our goal is to maximize student growth and potential through career-and-academic-focused curriculum so we can reintroduce students into their respective schools with reduced learning gaps.

Our Curriculum

Our rigorous curriculum meets and/or exceeds Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards for elementary and secondary students. Our core curriculum includes:

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

Career and Technical Education

Career Technical Education (CTE) prepares students to enter the workforce immediately after graduation or pursue additional training as apprentices or in college. We combine classroom instruction with work-based learning experiences and personal leadership development to help ensure a dynamic workforce for the future. Using Pitsco Education Career Expeditions, middle and high school students learn about a variety of career pathways while incorporating STEM concepts into real-world, relevant activities. We review:

  • Career planning
  • Food preparation
  • Safety and sanitation
  • Hygiene and nutrition
  • Fashion design
  • Clothing care
  • Interior design
  • Housing and human services
  • Finance technology

So whether our students are putting the finishing touches on their resume or obtaining a job-related certification (such as Occupational Safety and Health Administration or Food Handling), our CTE programming prepares them for real-world job experiences. 

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Program

Ki Charter Academy is the first residential-care school district in the nation to offer a fully-equipped PITSCO lab in conjunction with our elementary, middle, and high school STEM curricula. The lab environment combines typical science lab workstations with technology and maker space components to give students a thoroughly immersive experience. 

PITSCO math and science labs are not separate courses for students at Ki; rather, they supplement our math and science curricula by offering a kinesthetic learning environment that benefits every student. Students receive direct instruction in math and science theory in the classroom, then translate their learning objectives to the lab through tactile and manipulative practice. Students in our lab also explore jobs in engineering, biology, mathematics, and information technology, helping them translate academic knowledge to real-world job competencies.

Gifted Education

We recognize the unique interests and strengths of all our students, including those with exceptional abilities. We identify students who demonstrate outstanding academic aptitude and motivation, creative and critical thinking, and leadership, and if appropriate we recommend testing for GT. We also participate in the Virtual School Network which provides Ki Charter students with instruction in courses for which we do not have a teacher.